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Debunking Self Defense Product Myths

Debunking Self Defense Product Myths

There are many self-defense products on the market today, such as pepper sprays & stun guns. Today we are going to be debunking some myths around the effectiveness of some of these products by discussing their ineffectiveness.

Myth: Pepper Spray is the best cost effective self defense tool.

Facts: Pepper Sprays have expiration dates so you will have to re-purchase or risk the spray no longer being effective at all. They also cost around the same or more in most cases compared to the Punisher Self Defense Glove. In addition, below are 3 reasons they are ineffective as a product.

Three reasons why pepper spray is ineffective:

  1. Most women carry them in their purses or on their keychain, so they are inaccessible during an attack.
  2. The Pepper spray case must be unsnapped and the canister must be in the unlocked position before the potential victim can use the pepper spray.
  3. The pepper spray may incapacitate the victim instead of the predator if there is any type of wind or even a slight breeze as the pepper spray will come back on them.

Myth: Stun Guns or Tasers are the quickest way to stop an attack, that’s why even cops use them.

Facts: In many cases, stun guns or tasers do not have enough power to actually stop an attack which is why police use them as a non lethal option only but require other, more deadly options such as a real gun. They also have to be applied to skin so something as simple as a thick jacket could stop these. In addition, below are 5 more reasons they are ineffective as a whole.

Five reasons why stun guns are ineffective:

  1. Your assailant is on drugs or is drunk, which is very common.
  2. It MUST be applied to the nerve centers on the body located on
    the “upper hip area, below the rib cage or the upper shoulders” which is extremely hard to do during an assault.
  3. Needs to be applied for a minimum of 3 to 5 seconds. That doesn’t sound like long but when you’re in a life or death situation, a few seconds is an eternity.
  4. The batteries are dead or the device hasn’t been charged.
  5. Product defect. It may sound simple but the reality is, products fail and those failures can occur at any moment. It would be tragic for one of these failures to occur right when your life depends on it.


Myth: A gun (firearm) has almost no down sides and are hands down the most effective means of self defense.

Facts: Don’t get us wrong, carrying a gun is great for some types of protection. IDTS itself has encouraged, hosted and will continue to host firearm courses for women. For instance if you can see the assailant coming at you, or in a carjacking attempt, or a home invasion etc. However a gun is ineffective if you are assaulted from the rear like if you are jogging or walking to your car.

According to research 80% of assaults against women are blitz attacks, victims are approached from the rear and the victims are taken to the ground, 10% are approached from the front and 10% are lured into dangerous situations. From this, we can reasonably assume you won’t have enough time to react and draw your firearm in many cases when women are being attacked.

Our Conclusion:

There are multiple real options for self defense but being honest about their advantages and disadvantages in real life scenarios is crucial. In our experience, The Punisher Self Defense Glove is the ultimate Kubaton self-defense product. Unlike a gun, you can wear it in a ready position comfortably and don’t have to worry about drawing or dropping it.

Kubatons are non-lethal weapons; they are maximum pain-inducing weapons used to minimize the risk of casualties and are less likely to kill a target. However, there are issues with Kubatons as individual weapons. Sexual assaults and or abductions happen fast, they are chaotic and brutal that leaves the potential of losing the Kubaton during the fight.

We have designed and patented The Punisher Self Defense Glove to hold the Kubaton securely in your hand during the fight so that you can effectively defend yourself. The Punisher Self Defense Glove features a one size fits all design, it’s easy to conceal, and there is “no right or wrong strike” which makes this a powerful weapon in defending yourself!

The Predatory “Interview Process”

The Predatory “Interview Process”

Most of us have had someone walk up or pull up in a call and ask us a question, but what most women don’t realize is they are being “INTERVIEWED”. The following questions might seem harmless, even legitimate at times but for a predator, they serve a two-fold purpose.

#1 – The Distraction

The interview will go something like this…
– Excuse me, do you have the time?
– Do you have a cigarette or a light?
– Do you have any spare change?
– Can you help me, I’m lost. Do you know where this address is?
– Can I help you with your groceries, or hold the door for you?

This distraction is to get the focus off of him, as you look at your watch, look in your purse for a cigarette or lighter, spare change, stop to give directions, or let him help you with the groceries he now has the perfect opportunity to assault or abduct you.

#2 – Information Gathering

These predators are cold and calculating, they are master manipulators and can read people like we read a book, they are looking for a victim if they can strike up a conversation most likely they can get you to let your guard down, build trust and you will freely give him the information he needs to complete a later assault.

Everyone likes to be complimented but when a perfect stranger walks up to you and tries to engage you in conversation flattering you, or asking if you have ever been a model or would like to be a model you can bet he has predatory motivations.


These predators are looking for a target, a victim, they don’t want someone who will fight back because it increases their chances of being caught, so what are they looking for in a victim, well they have a ‘HUNTING LIST’.

They are looking for distracted women who are walking – jogging with headphones, talking, and texting, how many of you do this? If you are doing this, stop it – you are on their ‘hunting list’

They are looking for women who appear to have low self-esteem, and. or can be physically controlled.

• Walking with head down, walking with no purpose
• Someone who seems scared
• Long hair – Ponytail, bun, braid; any hairstyle can easily be grabbed.
• Jackets with hoods
• Women wearing a scarf or lanyard


They will use threats, degrading language, and or weapons to intimidate and gain compliance, their goal is to remove you to a secondary location. Listen, ladies, you have more chance of surviving a gunshot, or stab wound than if you comply with their demand and get into the car, if you get in the car you are not coming back.

Use your instincts, if you feel like you are being watched or followed you probably are, so many women I have interviewed have said that they felt like something was wrong but then convinced themselves that they were being paranoid, guess what they weren’t, they were either immediately assaulted or they were stalked and then assaulted. If you feel like something is wrong, bring attention to yourself, or the situation.

Invest in yourself, take this knowledge and use it, knowledge is POWER!